Today was my first full day with the TLC Tugger. Putting it on in the morning, I got the feeling I was going to be like a woman with a dirty little secret wearing a vibrator out in public, but maybe it’s my vanilla life style that was exaggerating the situation as the day wasn’t such a sexy affair. In fact, it was more peculiar than anything.

Hitting the road on my morning commute I couldn’t help but limp a little as my wiener pulled up and down my pant leg. The sheer sensation of walking with this silly thing strapped to the head of my dick immediately put to mind the image up top. It wasn’t painful, just different. Climbing stairs, picking things off the floor, everything seemed like a new experience. Nothing unwanted, except for going to the bathroom; that was one thing that provided new challenges.

I had to duck into a stall if I was going to get anything done. Slipping the silicone device out from under my foreskin, I had already noticed the head of my penis become a little more tacky and moist. A small difference but never the less motivating.

Reapplying the Tugger has become a bit of a race. For some reason I keep getting an erection whenever I try and get the damn thing on. I’m sure it’s only temporary and once the thrill of sandwiching my foreskin between two layers of rubber wears off, I’m sure I’ll be able to slap this thing on without thinking twice about it. Haha, did I already mention my vanilla life? Maybe I’m just now discovering an unknown kink for rubber? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling it’s just my teenage like libido. Doesn’t take much to get me going as I’ve already illustrated.

There was one point in the day where the Tugger did pull off. After sitting at my desk for an extended period I got up for a walk and could feel the Tugger pulling free of my foreskin’s doughy grasp. I panicked a bit imagining the outer rubber piece tumbling out the bottom of my pant leg so I ducked into the bathroom relieved to find that with the Tugger still attached to the leg band, it would be next to impossible for the outer cone to separate from the device.

With my first day in the bag, I’d have to say it wasn’t that bad. It was slightly painful at times because I’m still getting used to putting it on comfortably and as soon as the boners subside I’ll be able to take my time a little more to make sure it’s secure and comfortable. But as of this writing, so far so good.