After placing my order for the TLC Tugger, I realized, like all packages shipping to me, I addressed it for my office. Worried about what the package my disclose about it contents I waited for day 8, the day of estimated arrival. After not showing up, I was on pins and needles whenever I heard the mail being delivered to our office, but I think I played it cool, only jumping to help a handful of times.

Then today, 13 days after placing my order, I saw a package on my desk. It must have arrived while I was out. Cold sweats. I gave it a quick look over and put it away in my bag. It’s not that foreskin restoration should be an embarrassing topic, but both you and I know that it’s pretty fringe. And certainly not something I want to explain to a handful of my coworkers.

Fortunately, the guys/guy at TLC Tugger were kind enough to omit the company name from the package. The description did include a listing of the contents.

  • 2 x Silicone Cones
  • 2 x Elastic Straps

If you’re really paranoid, that’s your heads up. Might be cause for suspicion, but personally, the most offensive part of the package was the use of comic sans. Ron might know a thing or two about a thing or two, but between the choice of font and his website, he sure doesn’t have a sense of design.

Opening the envelope, I found exactly what was listed and only what was listed. Two silicone cones and 2 elastic straps. Fair, but a little underwhelming. A note of thanks or url pointing you to information resources would have helped, but as a two person operation, I can understand keeping things stripped down. And I suppose the email he sends after placing an order covers that, but spending $60 on two elastic straps and a small rubber thing might make you do a double take.

TLC Tugger contents

So how is it? Well, it was fairly simple to put on and I couldn’t really notice much of anything. The silicone was surprisingly soft and flexible. Feels very secure while wearing it. Definitely not going anywhere. But now that I’m in my second hour of what I expect to be a few years of tugging, I’d have to say, it’s uncomfortable. It feels like a constant pinch happening. I’ll think I got a little ambitious putting it on the first time so I’ll have to readjust before bed.

Everything starts with a first step. This is the first of many on the long road to an even longer foreskin.