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I’m now over two months into The Great Stretch and I have to admit that I am seeing a bit of a difference. A few posts back I mentioned how I was noticing a greater sensitivity in the head of my penis and I can now confirm, as was mentioned in the comments, that it was indeed due to the increased activity. The new-found sensitivity has returned to dullsville unfortunately, but it isn’t much of a surprise seeing as that’s what many other people have reported happening.

As an incredibly impatient dude, I asked myself, “What can I do to help speed up exfoliation? I want better sex now.” Actually, I asked Google. What I’ve seen a few people have recommend is to not really force things along. Most people say to only wash with warm water in the shower, not to use lotions or¬†moisturizer as they contain chemicals that tend to hurt your progress more than help and to keep your knob covered as much as possible and just let your body do its thing.

Two months in, I’m still dullsville Lizard Dick, but one positive thing to report is just how loose and elastic my foreskin has become. By the end of the day when I gear down to shower, I do get a fair amount of coverage that sticks around well into the night. If I leave the device off, say, over a weekend, my foreskin does return to lengths I’m more familiar with, but the skin is definitely more loose.

As for measuring progress, I know I promised I wouldn’t, but I’ve basically stopped. I tried, but every time I’d go to do it, I just didn’t feel I was getting an accurate measurement. How hard do I pull back? Dick’s are bendy and stretchy, so when looking for millimeter results I couldn’t find a reliable, reproducible way of getting the job done. Is there a fool-proof way of doing this that I’m not aware of?

I thought, if I leave my dick alone for one day then measure the length of head exposed, that’s the number I’ll keep track of. Since really at the end of the day, foreskin in that resting state is the only thing that matters. But what happens if/when the foreskin starts to drape over the end? I dunno, measure that distance from the tip? Haven’t thought that far yet.

So that’s where I’m at about 2 and a half months in. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve only barely started, so I’m good with the progress so far.


I’m a little over a month into The Great Stretch now and while I think I’ve gotten my head around the day-to-day, I still question if I’m doing a lot of things right.

The first two weeks I wore the Tugger I kept the strap flush along my inner thigh simply because that’s where it was lined up when I put it on in the morning. Since I work a desk job, the sitting and standing would cause an issue with tension consistency. Standing would be fine, but sitting would leave the pulley strap too slack.

With a little experimentation (and re-reading the TLC Tugger email confirmation…) I realized it was better to position the point of connection below your knee from the inside of your leg to the outside. By doing that I was able to keep the tension between standing and sitting consistent. Now that might seem incredibly obvious to you as it does to me now, so that got me thinking if there aren’t any other tips I’m not picking up on.

Not only did moving the point of connection to the outside of my leg help with consistent tension, it also reduced the frequency the device would fall off. For the first few weeks that was a bit of an annoyance so it’s nice to see it staying in place for longer periods. ¬†But it’s still far from perfect, I’ll admit, as the Tugger pulls off on average 3 times daily.

I would like it if it didn’t pull off at all, but I’m not about to start taping or getting into any messy powders now. Maybe some readers could provide some helpful tips on how they improved their own TLC Tugger tugging?