I’ve been doing a little reading on another foreskin restoration device called the DTR, and I gotta say I’m starting to see the appeal in a bi-directional tugger. Although I’ve never tried the DTR and it could be a case of the grass being greener and all that, but never-the-less I’m intreged.

The DTR is a bi-directional¬†(NSFW), strapless tugger (no more strapping to your leg) that also breaks down its parts into what is essentially a strapped tugger. And being bi-directional, the maker claims this method produces a more even growth balance of inner and outer foreskin focusing its rubber band tension on the foreskin itself and not spread over the entirety of your shaft. I haven’t noticed anything, but I’ve read that long time tuggers experience the scrotal skin slowly making its way up the base of the shaft meaning you have hair growing where you once didn’t.

One factor to consider is the cost. The TLC Tugger was about $60 when I bought it and last I checked, the DTR will run you about $100. Some people will rationalize this since it’s one guy making them all by hand, which is fine, but I get all squirmy thinking about investing even more into growing out my foreskin. Because, let’s face it, how many devices does one really need in this valiant quest?

I’d love to try the DTR out and give an opinion, but I think I’ll take my wife out for a nice supper instead and stay committed to my first choice. I figured by writing about it, I can bring it to the attention of other men interested in getting started. The TLC Tugger has had some press and attention, but take a look around before you commit to one and I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the variety of options out there.

So, have any of you tried the DTR or both TLC Tugger and the DTR? What did you think? Are there any other devices you feel strongly about? I’d love to hear some opinions.