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How many words about foreskin stretching can one write? Well, a lot apparently. Some of you have written short novels about the topic. But after two years of tugging I figured I don’t have anything left to write about my experiences and am I’m going to put this bad boy to bed.

My goal at the outset was to have a Coverage Index (CI) of 7, I’d say after months of not using the device, my foreskin has relaxed itself at a 6. Big improvement over the CI3 I started with. (Take a look at this foreskin chart for reference (NSFW) )

Just the tip sticks out for the most part and I’m good with that. I might jump back on from time to time over the winter months to add a little length here and there, but the long slog is over. Fascinating to think just how simply growing new foreskin was achieved. Hats off to Ron Low over at TLC Tugger for creating such a device and the encouragement from the community.

I’d say it has been a very positive experience overall. A small thrill at first and uncomfortable at times but I find sex to be much more pleasurable than before, I can last longer, my wife is happier, masturbation is more satisfying and I love having longer foreskin. Good all around I’d say.

Even though I don’t plan on posting anymore, I’d like to address the amount of traffic the blog still receives. It still gets more hits than I think it deserves. Probably looky-looks laughing at the name and checking it out or guys hoping to see my foreskin. If anyone is interested or has questions, there are communities out there, and if you’d like my opinion about something you’re more than welcome to ask. It’s attached to my email, so I’ll know if anyone wants to talk.

But thank you anyone who has taken the time to read, comment or link to the blog. It has been a lot of fun sharing my experiences and growing together.


I’ve been doing a little reading on another foreskin restoration device called the DTR, and I gotta say I’m starting to see the appeal in a bi-directional tugger. Although I’ve never tried the DTR and it could be a case of the grass being greener and all that, but never-the-less I’m intreged.

The DTR is a bi-directional (NSFW), strapless tugger (no more strapping to your leg) that also breaks down its parts into what is essentially a strapped tugger. And being bi-directional, the maker claims this method produces a more even growth balance of inner and outer foreskin focusing its rubber band tension on the foreskin itself and not spread over the entirety of your shaft. I haven’t noticed anything, but I’ve read that long time tuggers experience the scrotal skin slowly making its way up the base of the shaft meaning you have hair growing where you once didn’t.

One factor to consider is the cost. The TLC Tugger was about $60 when I bought it and last I checked, the DTR will run you about $100. Some people will rationalize this since it’s one guy making them all by hand, which is fine, but I get all squirmy thinking about investing even more into growing out my foreskin. Because, let’s face it, how many devices does one really need in this valiant quest?

I’d love to try the DTR out and give an opinion, but I think I’ll take my wife out for a nice supper instead and stay committed to my first choice. I figured by writing about it, I can bring it to the attention of other men interested in getting started. The TLC Tugger has had some press and attention, but take a look around before you commit to one and I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the variety of options out there.

So, have any of you tried the DTR or both TLC Tugger and the DTR? What did you think? Are there any other devices you feel strongly about? I’d love to hear some opinions.

Mort  Turtleneck

Originally written February, 2012

Today I’m celebrating sixth months of foreskin restoration, if you want to call a passing thought a celebration. But yeah, 6 months into the big stretch and I’m happy to report things are going well.

In a bitter-sweet sort of way, I’ve achieved semi-consistent accumulation of smegma resulting in the head of my penis becoming smoother and having a healthier colour than before.

Sex is more satisfying in ways I didn’t anticipate. As I said before, oral sex, for me, was a ho-hum affair. I appreciated the gesture, but the excitement really came from the act of it all and not so much the actual skin on skin sensations. I had read how much more satisfying things became after shedding some of that calloused skin, which it has, but what really surprised me was what I was feeling further down the shaft past the head.

It was like a whole other world. I felt like my wife was going down on me deeper than ever before, and after looking, I realized she was motoring along at her usual pace. It just felt like she was taking in much more of me. That, in itself has made the last 6 months so much more worth while.

The TLC Tugger has held up exceptionally well. The strap has gotten a little stretched out, but still useable and the silicone part of the device doesn’t show any signs of wear. I’ve also noticed it’s not giving me as much hassle as before. There’s a lot less pinching and it stays on most of the day. I’m guessing this is all due to wearing experience and longer foreskin length to grip to.

I haven’t measured over the last few months for the same reasons I’ve stated before. It’s tough to get an accurate measurement when dealing with millimetres and multiple factors changing the final measurement. I do have some data and pictures from before I started and a few weeks in, so I am able to go back and compare, but I’ll be missing out on the minute changes happening week to week. I can live with that.

While I haven’t officially measured myself yet, I have noticed a definite lengthening during my day-to-day. Especially when, not sure what to call it…milking my dick…?

Other men will understand what I mean. After you’ve peed or came, you pull your foreskin back, then squeeze and slide your hand toward the tip clearing out your urethra and keeping your underwear from getting sticky later on. I think of it as milking anyway.

It almost become muscle memory at this point, but lately I’ve noticed when I pull my foreskin back to the base, I have to go back up a ways and pull again to clear more foreskin out-of-the-way.

Another thing I’ve noticed is sex is different. Before my hard cock would slide in and out, skin-tight. Now I feel my foreskin remains somewhat stationary against her vagina while my dick slides in and out of my foreskin sleeve and her pussy. And having that stationary outer foreskin creates a kind of seal that keeps everything nice and wet. And when I pull out, I can feel my dick come out first and then my foreskin follow a split second after.

And that’s the kind of progress I’m looking for, real world examples.

So, its been a crazy summer. I moved! But that also means I have home renovation projects for miles and besides that, a bunch of other stuff has been going on. So how’s the foreskin regeneration been going? Well, there’s been none. I like to wear shorts and took the summer off.

Fortunately, even though I haven’t posted in a while, that doesn’t mean I didn’t write anything. I wrote up a 6-month check in but have been too busy to proof and edit to post. But last week, on a whim, I took a look at the site after a long while of inactivity and saw that a lot of people have been reading along. So what I’m going to do is dig up that old post, clean it up a bit and put it up as a retrospective, a six month and then a ‘now’ after months of not tugging. After that, we’ll be all caught up, no?

Also now that’s its getting to be pants weather again, I’ll be getting back to the grind and posting my experiences on my goal to grow out to a CI-8 (Coverage Index of 8, 10 being the highest) (NSFW).

Currently in between a CI-4 and CI-5.

I’m now over two months into The Great Stretch and I have to admit that I am seeing a bit of a difference. A few posts back I mentioned how I was noticing a greater sensitivity in the head of my penis and I can now confirm, as was mentioned in the comments, that it was indeed due to the increased activity. The new-found sensitivity has returned to dullsville unfortunately, but it isn’t much of a surprise seeing as that’s what many other people have reported happening.

As an incredibly impatient dude, I asked myself, “What can I do to help speed up exfoliation? I want better sex now.” Actually, I asked Google. What I’ve seen a few people have recommend is to not really force things along. Most people say to only wash with warm water in the shower, not to use lotions or moisturizer as they contain chemicals that tend to hurt your progress more than help and to keep your knob covered as much as possible and just let your body do its thing.

Two months in, I’m still dullsville Lizard Dick, but one positive thing to report is just how loose and elastic my foreskin has become. By the end of the day when I gear down to shower, I do get a fair amount of coverage that sticks around well into the night. If I leave the device off, say, over a weekend, my foreskin does return to lengths I’m more familiar with, but the skin is definitely more loose.

As for measuring progress, I know I promised I wouldn’t, but I’ve basically stopped. I tried, but every time I’d go to do it, I just didn’t feel I was getting an accurate measurement. How hard do I pull back? Dick’s are bendy and stretchy, so when looking for millimeter results I couldn’t find a reliable, reproducible way of getting the job done. Is there a fool-proof way of doing this that I’m not aware of?

I thought, if I leave my dick alone for one day then measure the length of head exposed, that’s the number I’ll keep track of. Since really at the end of the day, foreskin in that resting state is the only thing that matters. But what happens if/when the foreskin starts to drape over the end? I dunno, measure that distance from the tip? Haven’t thought that far yet.

So that’s where I’m at about 2 and a half months in. In the grand scheme of things, I’ve only barely started, so I’m good with the progress so far.

I’m a little over a month into The Great Stretch now and while I think I’ve gotten my head around the day-to-day, I still question if I’m doing a lot of things right.

The first two weeks I wore the Tugger I kept the strap flush along my inner thigh simply because that’s where it was lined up when I put it on in the morning. Since I work a desk job, the sitting and standing would cause an issue with tension consistency. Standing would be fine, but sitting would leave the pulley strap too slack.

With a little experimentation (and re-reading the TLC Tugger email confirmation…) I realized it was better to position the point of connection below your knee from the inside of your leg to the outside. By doing that I was able to keep the tension between standing and sitting consistent. Now that might seem incredibly obvious to you as it does to me now, so that got me thinking if there aren’t any other tips I’m not picking up on.

Not only did moving the point of connection to the outside of my leg help with consistent tension, it also reduced the frequency the device would fall off. For the first few weeks that was a bit of an annoyance so it’s nice to see it staying in place for longer periods.  But it’s still far from perfect, I’ll admit, as the Tugger pulls off on average 3 times daily.

I would like it if it didn’t pull off at all, but I’m not about to start taping or getting into any messy powders now. Maybe some readers could provide some helpful tips on how they improved their own TLC Tugger tugging?

I’m now one week into this little experiment and I’m still learning what works best for me and getting used to the day-to-day. I’m still having the problem of the Tugger pulling off every once in a while. I’m not sure if it’s because of the tension, which usually isn’t too tight, or the lack of skin to grip, or the silicone sliding off because the skin it’s in contact with is becoming dry. Most likely a combination of all three, but I imagine it’ll take some time before I dial in on what works.

At night, I’ve tried tugging in the over-the-shoulder method, which hasn’t gone as well as I hoped. I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain from an erection and I just ended up pulling the damn thing off. Also the cone sticks out right at the waist line, so unless you sleep naked, it can get snagged and obstructed by your pajama waist. There was also the ta-da moment showing my wife what I looked like wearing it before bed. Honestly, we both couldn’t hold back our laughter. It really does look ridiculous, but anything in the name of science! (and better sex…)

The next night I tried tugging down my leg, day-time style and while it goes without saying, it went worst than the recommended over the shoulder method. But trial and error is the name of the first few weeks.

Thinking I should be doing at least something at night I’ve been applying dry skin lotion, pulling forward what foreskin I have and wearing the Your Skin cone in hopes of exfoliating that top layer of rough skin. I’m still planning on trying the over the shoulder tug later on, but for now I’m just going to leave it at this. Is that the most effective way to get the gland back to its natural state?

After one week, I can already detect a lot of sensitivity returning which is motivating. Unless that’s tenderness from all the pulling my wieners seen this week. I look forward to what the coming months have in store.

I suppose to make this little experiment official I’ll need to weigh in and post some numbers to reference back to when measuring progress. Not totally sure all the angles to measure because when looking for millimeters of growth there are so many factors to take into account. Cold day, stages of arousal, ect. What I’ve decided on for now is to take monthly pictures to chart growth and to keep track of my forced erect coverage (FEC).

What’s that you say?

  • Step 1: Get an erection.
  • Step 2: Push foreskin forward
  • Step 3: Measure the amount of dick head still exposed.
  • Step 4: Chart

So as of May 10, my FEC weighs in at a hefty 27mm exposure. Well that doesn’t give you much of an idea of what I’m working with here, but hopefully this chart I’m linking to (NSFW) will explain things better as they have kindly classified foreskin coverage into categories from CI 1 – CI 10 (CI = Coverage Index). I’d put myself somewhere between CI 3 and CI 4 and I’m hoping to reach CI 7 in the end so there’s full unassisted coverage.

From what I’ve read so far, the first 2 months are full of perceived progress because your skin is getting its elasticity back and what looks like new growth is just what you’ve always had but coming back to its old springy self. Then from there it’s slow going, but persistence eventually pays off.

If anyone reading can share where they started to where they are now and the amount of time and effort it took, I’d love to hear it.

In the meantime, wish me luck!

Today was my first full day with the TLC Tugger. Putting it on in the morning, I got the feeling I was going to be like a woman with a dirty little secret wearing a vibrator out in public, but maybe it’s my vanilla life style that was exaggerating the situation as the day wasn’t such a sexy affair. In fact, it was more peculiar than anything.

Hitting the road on my morning commute I couldn’t help but limp a little as my wiener pulled up and down my pant leg. The sheer sensation of walking with this silly thing strapped to the head of my dick immediately put to mind the image up top. It wasn’t painful, just different. Climbing stairs, picking things off the floor, everything seemed like a new experience. Nothing unwanted, except for going to the bathroom; that was one thing that provided new challenges.

I had to duck into a stall if I was going to get anything done. Slipping the silicone device out from under my foreskin, I had already noticed the head of my penis become a little more tacky and moist. A small difference but never the less motivating.

Reapplying the Tugger has become a bit of a race. For some reason I keep getting an erection whenever I try and get the damn thing on. I’m sure it’s only temporary and once the thrill of sandwiching my foreskin between two layers of rubber wears off, I’m sure I’ll be able to slap this thing on without thinking twice about it. Haha, did I already mention my vanilla life? Maybe I’m just now discovering an unknown kink for rubber? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling it’s just my teenage like libido. Doesn’t take much to get me going as I’ve already illustrated.

There was one point in the day where the Tugger did pull off. After sitting at my desk for an extended period I got up for a walk and could feel the Tugger pulling free of my foreskin’s doughy grasp. I panicked a bit imagining the outer rubber piece tumbling out the bottom of my pant leg so I ducked into the bathroom relieved to find that with the Tugger still attached to the leg band, it would be next to impossible for the outer cone to separate from the device.

With my first day in the bag, I’d have to say it wasn’t that bad. It was slightly painful at times because I’m still getting used to putting it on comfortably and as soon as the boners subside I’ll be able to take my time a little more to make sure it’s secure and comfortable. But as of this writing, so far so good.

After placing my order for the TLC Tugger, I realized, like all packages shipping to me, I addressed it for my office. Worried about what the package my disclose about it contents I waited for day 8, the day of estimated arrival. After not showing up, I was on pins and needles whenever I heard the mail being delivered to our office, but I think I played it cool, only jumping to help a handful of times.

Then today, 13 days after placing my order, I saw a package on my desk. It must have arrived while I was out. Cold sweats. I gave it a quick look over and put it away in my bag. It’s not that foreskin restoration should be an embarrassing topic, but both you and I know that it’s pretty fringe. And certainly not something I want to explain to a handful of my coworkers.

Fortunately, the guys/guy at TLC Tugger were kind enough to omit the company name from the package. The description did include a listing of the contents.

  • 2 x Silicone Cones
  • 2 x Elastic Straps

If you’re really paranoid, that’s your heads up. Might be cause for suspicion, but personally, the most offensive part of the package was the use of comic sans. Ron might know a thing or two about a thing or two, but between the choice of font and his website, he sure doesn’t have a sense of design.

Opening the envelope, I found exactly what was listed and only what was listed. Two silicone cones and 2 elastic straps. Fair, but a little underwhelming. A note of thanks or url pointing you to information resources would have helped, but as a two person operation, I can understand keeping things stripped down. And I suppose the email he sends after placing an order covers that, but spending $60 on two elastic straps and a small rubber thing might make you do a double take.

TLC Tugger contents

So how is it? Well, it was fairly simple to put on and I couldn’t really notice much of anything. The silicone was surprisingly soft and flexible. Feels very secure while wearing it. Definitely not going anywhere. But now that I’m in my second hour of what I expect to be a few years of tugging, I’d have to say, it’s uncomfortable. It feels like a constant pinch happening. I’ll think I got a little ambitious putting it on the first time so I’ll have to readjust before bed.

Everything starts with a first step. This is the first of many on the long road to an even longer foreskin.